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Personalized In-Home and Online Science Tutoring

We offer one-on-one and online tutoring services for all levels of science including

Elementary School Science

(Kindergarten to Grade 6 Science)

Junior High School Science

(Grade 7 to 9) Science 7, 8 and 9

High School Science

(Grade 10 to 12) Science 10, 20 and 30

Physics 20 & 30

Chemistry 20 & 30

Biology 20 & 30

Biology 20 & 30AP

Biology 20 & 30 IB

Physics 20 & 30IB

Physics 20 & 30AP

College/University Sciences & Engineering


Earth/Environmental Sciences

Anatomy / Physiology

Organic Chemistry

At Mobile Tutors, we know that there are many students who are bright and hard-working, but just need someone who takes the time to understand their challenges. Our professional team recognizes that not everyone learns the same way and are trained to offer your child alternative study methods. We understand that science can be an abstract subject and hard to relate to for a student but we’re here to help. Our world-class tutors have the motivation and expertise to transform desperate and weary evenings of science homework into empowering and confidence-boosting experiences for your child.

Science is one of those complex subjects that touches on almost every skill a student has ever developed during their academic lives. From reading comprehension to mathematics to the skills of observation and creative analysis, it all plays an important role in science. In Edmonton, Sherwood Park, St. Albert and across Alberta, there are many students who have a hard time connecting with science class because somewhere along the way one of these key factors have not been implemented well enough. Fortunately our passionate and skilled tutors at Mobile Tutors can not only identify and help fix these knowledge gaps, but we are also committed to preparing your children with the tools they need for continued success in their science class.

The teaching approach at Mobile Tutors is specifically designed to maximize the value that students get from tutoring while providing the flexibility that today’s busy students need. We offer every student a step-by-step approach to engage with demanding science questions, inspiring them to view challenges not as a barrier but as opportunities for curiosity and growth.

Our tutors’ goal is to successfully troubleshoot each child’s challenges and based on that build custom programs to suit the student’s needs. This allows for personalized tips and for students to get the practice and reinforcement that they need in order to feel confident and comfortable with the material. Our focus in each 1-on-1 instruction is to grow the enthusiasm of your kids to empower them to reach their goals.

Our Approach to Effective Science Tutoring


Deal with Urgent Problems First

Grades are still the most relevant academic performance evaluation, which is why our trained tutors focus on improving those first. We tackle urgent issues like upcoming quizzes, tests, or school homework assignments immediately before diving into long-term learn training.


Bridge Fundamental Knowledge Gaps

Science teaches us to break problems into smaller components and to analyze them one by one. It’s a skill that applies in all aspects of life. Even though a tutor may be working with a student on Acids and Bases, they often realize that their student is struggling with fundamental principles of Equilibrium. Our experienced tutors will ensure that your child is confident and has a good grasp of all basic concepts that serve as building blocks for progress in any science course.


Every Child Can be Great at Science

We provide our students with the requisite learning tools, encourage them to be curious and help them to develop the work ethic to succeed in Science. By employing the Socratic teaching method, we support every student to build confidence and become motivated learners to succeed on their own anytime they face challenges further down the road.

What Makes Mobile Tutors The Right Fit For Your Child

Mobile Tutors Perfect Match Program

We make it our priority to ensure your child is provided with the right tutor every time. After a FREE personal in-depth consultation, our education consultant will find the best suited tutor for your child considering factors such as specific academic needs, learning style and personality.

Customized 1-on-1 Instruction

All of our tutoring services occur in a 1-on-1 setting at your own home, public library or online using our state-of-the-art online tutoring platform. We do the driving to ensure that each student’s tutoring time is perfectly focused to embrace their unique needs – skipping commuting time and providing customized teaching.

Curriculum Worksheets

We know that today's parents and students have a full schedule all week. That is why we keep things convenient by holding learning sessions in your house whenever you want. We are available 7 days a week — whether you need tutoring at your home, at a public library, or online, we are around to help.

World Class Tutors = Real Learning & Excellent Grades!

Our tutors are certified educators, subject specialists and top graduates from highly ranked Canadian universities. Background checked and rigorously screened for teaching ability, subject-matter expertise and open personalities, our first-class tutoring team cares about your child’s success.

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Carol W., Edmonton My family has used Mobile Tutors for the last two years and we are so glad we found them. Last year my son in grade 11 began to struggle, not that he was failing but just that his grades were dropping and it became evident to us he needed help. When we first mentioned getting tutors for him he viewed it as a punishment but within a few weeks of getting the tutor in Math, Chemistry and Physics he realized what a gift it was. This year he began grade 12 and asked if we could get him tutors right away instead of waiting until he was struggling. He realized the knowledge and assistance the tutors at Mobile Tutors offers is such a benefit to him. It really helps him be less stressed and if there is something he doesn’t completely understand the tutor is very capable of explaining and helping him understand it. We have had 5 different tutors through Mobile Tutors and they have all been top notch. We have been very impressed and pleased with their professionalism and expertise. I would highly recommend this tutoring service and know my friend who I recommended it to last year was equally impressed.
Joe C., Edmonton My son has benefited from the high quality tutoring from Mobile Tutors for over 2 years. His grades in junior high went from the mid-50s in most subjects to a level where he was accepted into the IB program in high school. He is now in his second year of high school, still in the IB program and still benefitting from Mobile Tutors.
Cynthia K., St. Albert Setting up tutoring for my son was quick and easy. We were able to secure service within a few days even though we requested help at a very busy time during final exams. Having the tutor come to our home made the experience seamless for us as busy parents. Our tutor was highly qualified. He had vast knowledge of the subject matter and he could teach. The tutor not only covered content, but he was able to analyze the learning habits of my son and leave him better equipped to do well in all future courses of study. Our tutor was kind and very personable and we all enjoyed seeing him every week. I highly recommend Mobile Tutors. The benefits to a student is well worth the financial investment. We will continue to use Mobile Tutors.
Keli T., Edmonton Mobile Tutors is an extremely dynamic organization. With the help of Mobile Tutors, my son who was struggling academically ended the school year with an honours certificate in grade 6 reading. I will recommend Mobile Tutors to every parent. They made a huge difference in my son’s life.
Stendall, L., Edmonton We have been using Mobile Tutors for our daughter since 2014. The tutors have been highly qualified, and have helped our daughter develop invaluable test-taking strategies. We feel that they care about their work and want to ensure that she achieves her academic goals. Richard, the head of the company is professional and prompt when responding to our inquiries. He has always done an amazing job in matching a tutor to our daughter based on her educational needs and learning style. I highly recommend Mobile Tutors and strongly feel that they are among the best!
Eileen, J., Edmonton I was looking for a tutor for one of my children, and found it quite time consuming to search for one, and to check on their qualifications. I noticed an ad for Mobile Tutors. Richard provided highly qualified tutors for us over the years. Each time he was able to find the appropriate tutor based on our specific needs. The tutors are patient, and have the background knowledge to effectively tutor.
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