5 Back to School Resolutions

5 Back School Resolutions

No matter how much you fight it, back to school season is almost here. The inevitable end of summer is in sight and the back to school commercials have started in full force. You can either choose to resist all things to do with school, or you can embrace it and try to make this year your best year possible at school. Here are five back to school resolutions you can set for yourself!

Resolution #1: Always Feel Rested for Classes

This resolution involves a lot of things because sleep is not just dictated by your head hitting the pillow and closing your eyes. To get a full and restful night sleep you need to treat your body right all day long! This includes eating a healthy diet as often as possible, exercising regularly so your muscles get a nice workout and going to bed at a decent hour so you can achieve 9 hours of sleep. It’s a big commitment, but the benefits of always being rested for classes will amaze you!

Resolution #2:  Strive for Better Grades

Sometimes a little extra work is needed in specific classes in order to get the grades you want. A tutor is an excellent way to improve grades in classes you might be struggling in. Asking for a tutor is asking for an investment in yourself and in your future.

Resolution #3: Volunteer in the Community

There is always a need for young energetic volunteers all over the city! If you want to make some of your spare time count for something great, look into ways to volunteer to help out in your community. Though the pride of contribution is reason enough, being an active volunteer will also help your resume and university applications stand out. If you need any help locating volunteer positions, ask at your school and they will be able to point you in the right direction.

Resolution #4: Join a Team

Becoming part of a team is an excellent way to start the new school year. Make it a goal for yourself to join a team at your school to meet some new people and do what you love to do with like-minded individuals. It can be a sports team, an academic team or an arts club! There are always different teams and clubs to join through your school. If your school doesn’t have a club up your alley, like an anime club or a trivia club, why not start one?

Resolution #5: Help Out at Home

Nothing shows your parents that you are growing up like taking on new responsibilities. You can show your parents that you are maturing by staying on top of your school work but also helping out at home. Perhaps you have a younger sibling you can walk to and from school, or you can take on a weekly task in the house that is always yours such as laundry or mowing the lawn. There are so many ways you can help around the house and your parents will greatly appreciate your initiative.

Hiring a private tutor can help you achieve your academic goals and follow through on these and other resolutions. Mobile Tutors is a leading tutoring service for students in Edmonton, Calgary, Sherwood Park, and St. Albert. We offer private in-home tutoring, online tutoring, and test preparation services for subjects including Mathematics, Science, Language Arts, French, Social Studies, and more.

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