5 Educational Gift Ideas

Educational Gift

Christmas is just around the corner, and that means that shopping has begun and lists are starting to form. What do you get for your growing children always seems to be the question each year. This year, take a look at their academic performance and determine if getting them a practical gift is better for their future. Here are five educational gifts that you may consider as you do your holiday shopping.

LeapPad Platinum Tablet (recommended for ages 3-9)

Children spend so much time browsing parent’s smartphones or tablets, why not give them one of their own that they can play educational games on? The interactive games provide a fun way for children to learn through play. Much more educational than surfing through your Facebook account!

Tutoring Sessions

This is a great gift to give as an uncle or a grandma. Sure the children may not be thrilled at first to start tutoring sessions, but parents will be thoroughly pleased that their children will be on their way to educational success. And the student will be pleased too once they see the improvement in grades, confidence, and study habits. If you are going to spend money on a child, give them something they can use to benefit their future.


Children of all ages can benefit from books. Try buying your child one of your favourite age-appropriate books and explain to them that it has always been your favourite and encourage them to read a little every day. With any luck, they will delve into the book and give into their innate passion for reading we all hope our children possess.

Science Kit

There are many science kits on the market developed specifically for children. Getting children interested in science and showing them the cool possibilities that can come from different experiments is a great gateway for their enjoyment in their school studies. Seeing science in a fun and exciting light can inspire a child to enjoy sitting through a science class!

Board Games

Any games involving dice or quick math, such as Yahtzee or Monopoly, make great gifts for kids! Not only does it provide the perfect excuse to have a family fun night but it also gets kids learning quick and practical math skills, whether they realize it or not. Make a competition out of the night and really engage your children to complete the math themselves. Before long they will be master of addition and probability!

Spoil your kids this year with fun gifts that enrich their learning!

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