5 Fun (and Educational) Spring Break Math Activities

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Here are five fun math activities you and your child can enjoy during Spring Break week in Alberta:

Kitchen Fun

Math is alive in the kitchen! Bring weights and measurements out of textbooks and into the real world. If you’re baking cookies but only want to make half the recipe, how much is half of two cups of sugar? Half of 250 ml of milk? If you want to add double the chocolate chips, how much is 170g x 2? Try converting between metric and imperial. How many millilitres are in a teaspoon? For estimation fun, how strawberries fit in a container? How many blueberries? Make homemade pizza and slice the pizza in half, then quarters, then eights. Best of all, when the math is done you’ve got tasty lunch and dessert!

Money Matters

Have some fun collecting loose change between the couch cushions. Your child gets to keep the change – but not before adding it all up first. 8 nickels, 3 dimes, and 14 pennies makes how much? How much more money would you need to make a full dollar? What other coins would make a total of 74 cents? Try some simple addition and subtraction. If you take a nickel away, how much money do you have left? If you added a quarter, how much would you have?

Hunting for Sales

Have your child flip through today’s newspaper and cut out all of the deals, sales, and discounts that he/she can find. If you have a coupon for $2 off a Big Mac, how much will it cost? How much is 15% off a $24.99 pizza? How much is 5% GST on a pair of shoes that sell for $69.99? If a grocery store advertises three limes for $1, how much is one lime? Choose an item (milk) and see if your child can hunt through flyers and find the best deal. Is $2.68 for 1L a better deal than $5.29 for 2L?

Timing is Everything

Try to figure out how many days are in Spring Break? Hours? Minutes? Seconds? If Zootopia is 1h48m long, how many minutes/second is that? Use a stopwatch or your smartphone to time different things. Estimate how long it takes for bread to toast – then time it. What about elapsed time? Set a timer, go do something else, and try to guess how much time has passed. If karate class starts at 6:00 pm and it takes 15 minutes to walk there, what time should you leave?

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