5 Reasons Your Child Needs to Eat Breakfast

Child Needs Eat Breakfast

Mornings are hectic in any household. There never seems to be enough time between waking up and running out the door to catch the bus to school. If your child’s morning routine does not include having a nutritional breakfast, expect that there will be negative consequences on your child’s day as a result. Here’s why it is imperative your child needs to eat before heading off to school:

Break Fast

Take the word breakfast and break it down. Break Fast. You are breaking your fasting period which occurs overnight during sleep. Between the last meal of the day and waking up the next morning there can be anywhere from 12-14 hours. If children do not eat before starting their day, they continue the fasting period until they finally eat at lunch time. That is too long for a growing, active student to go without food, especially if they are expected to mentally focused and alert at school.

Great Start to the Day

School is very mentally demanding. If a child has an empty stomach, they will be sluggish and less attentive to the lessons being taught. Having a healthy breakfast is a great start to the day and sets kids up for success with their studies. Food is our fuel and it is extremely difficult to run on empty. Many studies have been done on the positive effects of eating breakfast but sadly it is the easiest meal to skip over due to time constraints. We try to provide our kids with every opportunity to do well in school, giving them a leg up with private, in-home tutoring, online tutoring, test prep, and other services. Eating a healthy, balanced breakfast is also important in helping our kids reach their full potential.

Key to Mental and Physical Health

Eating breakfast promotes good health. Not only good mental health, but good physical health. By having your child learn that breakfast is an important part of every morning’s routine, it will instill upon them the necessity to take care of their bodies. Do not let the excuse of time constraints dictate mental, physical, and emotional health and balance. Allow your kids to make breakfast requests the night before to save time in the mornings. Teach your kids to care for themselves at a young age and watch them live healthy, happy lives!

Provides Energy

Breakfast is a source of energy, plain and simple. It takes a significant amount of energy to be a child; running around the playground at top speeds chasing their friends or heading to karate or gymnastics after school. Kids should be encouraged to play as often as possible, but in order to do so effectively, they need a healthy breakfast to start their day.

The Nutrition They Need

When kids get to school you don’t always know if they’re actually eating the lunch that you pack. We know as parents that nutrition is important but it is impossible to micromanage their food intake 24/7. By offering up a healthy breakfast every single morning you know you are starting your child’s day off on the right foot. And you can rest a little easier knowing that they are likely trading their carrots and hummus for a pudding or bag of chips.

Meals are important and breakfast is the most important of them all. Give your child the best chance possible at having a successful day at school by sending them off with a full stomach!

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