5 Things Distracting You From Learning

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With such a busy world it’s no wonder that children become distracted and let their studies slip. It’s important for parents to monitor their child’s study habits and understand what is distracting their child from learning or acting as a roadblock between them and scholastic success. Here are five common examples of how children can become distracted.

Cell Phone

It’s no secret; cell phone usage has become almost an epidemic in the current generation. Children as young as ten years old have their own cell phones and are on them constantly, while kids have a tablet in their hands practically from birth. It can be horribly distracting to study for a test or review your homework when your cell phone keeps beeping alerting you to distractions. Even if the phone alert is not going off, the chance that it might and the constant checking is enough to cause concentration to go out the window. For best results for your child’s learning, it’s best to keep the cell phone away from study time.


Television can be just as much a distraction as a cell phone, if not more so. Studying with the TV on in the background may sound like a good idea for some background noise, but the allure to watch is dangerous for a studying mind. If your concentration is split between studying and watching your favourite show you can be sure to miss aspects of both. If you require some white noise turn on a focus playlist or invest in a white noise machine. Splitting your focus will not allow for maximum retention.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Although it’s important to have extra-curricular activities and to enjoy your free time, if your extra-curriculars begin to interfere with your school work it might be time to rethink your commitment levels. Children should not be so busy with extra-curricular activities that there is no time for their regular course work. If your child is involved in a sport or activity that places a high demand on their time, talk with their coach or advisor about better ways to prioritize studies in their schedule.


Children feel stress just as adults do, and they have their own ways of exhibiting that stress. If your child is going through a stressful time for whatever reason, it could be difficult for them to retain their studies. Pay close attention to your child’s behaviour and be ready to spot any inconsistencies in their behaviour that could be red flags for stress. Anything from lack of sleep to family troubles to friendship drama could be a big source of stress.


Oftentimes if a child just does not understand a concept they will shut down and be resistant to learning at all. If this happens with your child, it might be in their best interest to hire a private tutor to help them through their learning struggles. A private in-home tutor or online tutor can identify the problem areas and work to fix exactly what the child is struggling to understand.

Don’t wait until it’s too late to help your children gain focus. Their future success is depending on your attentiveness as a parent now. These small changes can help your child focus and perform better at school.

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