One-On-One in-Home Tutoring FAQs

Q1.Why is Mobile Tutors different from other tutoring companies?

    • World Class Tutors: All our tutors are thoroughly screened and background checked before they join our team. We only recruit the best tutors with the right tutoring experience, strong academic background, energy and charisma to bring out the best in any student. Our highly qualified and experienced tutors are experts at teaching the knowledge and requisite study skills your child needs to succeed in school and beyond.
      • The Mobile Tutors Perfect Match: We go to great lengths to ensure that your child is matched with the right tutor every time based on his or her academic strengths, weaknesses, learning style and personality.
      • Personalized Tutoring Programs: We have customized tutoring programs for all ages, all subjects and grade levels from kindergarten to University level.Our tutoring programs are based on three academic principles: LEARN, PRACTICE & SUCCEED. All our tutoring programs are aligned with your child’s school curriculum. They are customized to mitigate a student’s academic weaknesses, enhance areas of strength and ultimately help the student to excel. All of our tutors subscribe to the same philosophy of weekly worksheets and biweekly testing to assess their students regularly. This is a way to ensure our students have mastered concepts taught and helps to boosts their confidence before any exam. Our students see progress in their studies in a matter of weeks!
      • Affordability: Mobile Tutors is committed to making our tutoring programs very affordable and accessible to all students. We have tutoring programs for all family budgets!!!

Q2. Where do your tutoring sessions take place?

We come to you – All our tutoring sessions take place at the comfort of a student’s home. However, students or parents can make alternative arrangements with us to have the tutoring sessions at a public library, school campus, online, university library or any other place of convenience.

Q3.  How does it work?

Enrolling your child in a Mobile Tutors personalized one-on-one tutoring program is very straight forward and easy.

        • Call or complete our contact form for a free no obligation phone consultation or in-home Consultation and Assessment.
        • Our Education Consultants  assess your child’s tutoring  needs and make recommendations
        • You choose your schedule and frequency by completing the Mobile Tutors Registration form. When you register with us, you are creating a secured Mobile Tutors account.
        • Mobile Tutors executes the tutor matching process when a completed registration form is received. The matching process usually takes 24 to 48 hours.
        • Our Education Consultant calls or contacts you via email to introduce you to your child’s tutor.
        • Tutoring Sessions begin at the agreed time at your home or place of preference.
        • All tutoring fees must be paid in full before the start of any tutoring session.

Q4. How many times a week would my child need tutoring? How long are your sessions?
The number of tutoring sessions per week depends on your child’s tutoring needs and goals. The number of tutoring sessions per week will be determined after a consultation and assessment with our Education Consultant. Generally, for Kindergarten to Grade 6 tutoring, our tutors do a minimum of 1 hour per session. For Grade 7 to 12 tutoring, our tutors do a minimum of 1.5 hours (90 minutes) per session, and 2 hours per session for University level tutoring. An ideal tutoring schedule will be developed into your child’s tutoring program after considering your student’s unique learning needs and other commitments; we have found that students are more successful when they have tutoring on a regular basis.

Q5. What if I am not satisfied with the tutor who was assigned to my child?

While we always strive to find best tutor for your child, we are well-aware that, on a rare occasion, a tutor may not be the best fit for a student. Should this occur, please contact our office and we will find a more suitable match for your child immediately.

Q6. What are your tutoring options?

We offer One-on-One in-Home Tutoring or Group Tutoring for 2 or 3 students, and Online Tutoring.

Q7. Who are your tutors and what are their qualifications?

Our tutors are experts in their respective subject area or field of instruction. We have over 100 highly qualified and experienced tutors to choose from. Our tutors comprise: Certified Teachers; Retired Teachers; top Canadian University graduates with Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate degrees; Post-graduate students (University of Alberta Master’s and PhD students) and University Students in their third or final year.

Q8. What grade levels and subjects do your tutoring services cover?

We offer tutoring services for all grade levels and subjects, from kindergarten right up to university.

Q9. What is your customer service satisfaction rate?

Based on our client satisfaction survey, 98% of our customers will recommend us to their friends and family. Please check out some success stories from our past clients:

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Q10. How does your tutor scheduling or availability work?

The tutoring hours are very flexible and are scheduled as per your convenience. All our tutoring programs are customized to fit busy family schedules. Our tutors are available for tutoring 7 days a week and all year round.

Q11. How do I get started?

You must register online before we can set up a tutoring session.

12. What are the methods of payment?
We have a number of payment methods to choose from. We accept cheques, direct deposit at the nearest Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), INTERAC e-transfer, PayPal and Credit Card payments. Tutoring fees must be paid in advance before tutoring begins. All payments should be made directly to the Mobile Tutors.

Q13. What is the cost of your tutoring service and what type of payment plans do you have?

We have affordable tutoring programs and flexible payment plans for all family budgets. Some of our tutoring programs and payment plans include: the “pay-as-you-go” payment plan, weekly plan, monthly payment plan and semester payment plan. The cost the tutoring program depends on your child’s tutoring needs.

Q14. Do you offer Spanish, French Language and French Immersion tutoring programs?

Yes, we offer Spanish, French Language and French Immersion tutoring programs.

Q15. Do you offer College or University level Tutoring services?

Yes, we offer college or university level tutoring services in the Sciences, Mathematics, Statistics, Economics, Business, Engineering and Humanities.

Q16. Do you offer test preparation service for the Diploma, University Final Exam, SAT, ACT, GRE, MCAT, GMAT etc?
Yes, we help students prepare for the Grade 12 Alberta Diploma exam, university final exam, ACT, SAT I & II,GRE, GMAT, MCAT and other standardized tests.