What is Your Child’s Learning Style?

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Ideal learning styles differ for us all. It is not always easy or clear to identify which learn style works best for individual students. When it comes to your child’s learning style, it’s crucial to determine what method they benefit from in order to make the most out of their academic years. Although there are 7 types of different learning styles in total, there are three main ones that most people fall under: Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic.


Visual learners best respond, comprehend, and retain information through visual stimuli. Organizing materials in flow charts, analyzing photographs, using graphs, diagrams, schematics, and other visual representations of material are all ways that visual learners can understand and learn. When new information isn’t presented in a visual manner, sometimes it is difficult for visual learners to fully absorb and understand the new material.


For auditory learners, listening and even speaking materials out loud is how new information is more fully processed and comprehended. Some best practices for auditory learners include recording notes and playing them back later to absorb the information, reading information aloud in a repetitious manner, or even having a discussion with others about the topic. Sometimes, the combination of both visual and auditory learning styles can often overlap. So listening to and watching new information can be most beneficial in some cases.


Tactile representation of new information allows kinesthetic students to benefit the most out of learning.  Being physically and mentally involved in the material in a hands-on approach empowers the student to better comprehend and retain new information. Learning by doing has long been considered one of the best ways to absorb and understand new information.

Real life examples, along with visual cues and representations, are all important for this style of learning. Activities such as woodworking, robotics, dissecting in biology class – these type of examples help to fully immerse students and understand what they are doing.

Whatever your child’s learning style may be, it’s important to identify in order to adjust and tailor their study and learning habits to benefit them the most. Each student can differ in how they learn, and some can benefit from even more than one style. Figuring out which one allows them to fully absorb and comprehend new material can provide them with the right platform that’s required to really excel throughout their academic years.

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