Choosing Your Career Path


We all remember the defining moment in our childhood when we decided what we wanted to be when we grew up. A firefighter, medical doctor, engineer, an astronaut, the Prime Minister of Canada or even a beekeeper. Whether you managed to pursue your childhood dreams or take a different path in life, the exercise of establishing your future goals is an important step for your children as well.

Childhood Dreams

When you are young, your career possibilities seem to be as open-ended as your imagination. As you grow and experience more of life, you may continue on your childhood trajectory or flip your path completely and discover a new passion in life. Not everyone can grow up to be the Prime Minister, but everyone should grow up and be able to realize all of their potential.

Seek Outside Guidance

As children grow into high school students, it becomes more pertinent that they choose a career path. With classes offered specifically to explore future careers and teachers ready to prime students for their chosen paths, it seems like students have all the required tools to reach for and grab the stars! But it’s not always that easy. For some students there is not a clear job path in front of them and so they are unsure which direction to take their education. At this point it becomes important for the student to seek outside guidance, whether from a guidance counsellor or a tutor. Someone who knows their education background and who can ask the right questions and guide them to a potential career path based on their academic and personal interests.

Co-Op Programs

Another excellent tool available to high school students is the co-op program. This gives students a look into the daily grind of their potential career path and the opportunity to work in the environment for a period of time. It’s an excellent program that can prime a student’s career choice and help guide them on their post-secondary journey. It’s just as important to eliminate what you don’t want to pursue as a career as it is to choose what you do want to do. Co-op can help give you some real world experience and help you make an informed decision.

Choosing the right career path is a delicate matter that requires much thought and sometimes a little guidance. Encourage your children to make use of resources available to them to help them make the tough decisions and pave their way to their future career.

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