Common Distractions Among Children

School Work

The pile of activities that children get exposed to every day could leave them short of time to play and do what they want. When this happens, children usually grow the feeling of resentment for having to do a lot for school. Some simply wished they didn’t, but still, work on their tasks for school. And then there are others who merely let go of school work and choose to do what they want. When your child decides to do the latter, as a parent you worry about how you can get them back to being engaged in school work.

But before you find solutions to their lack of concentration in school, it is crucial that you understand what could have caused such. Various factors could affect their concentration e.g.

·         A challenging task could make some children lose their interest in doing school work altogether. The difficulty of the task given to a child should be within his range based on his age level and capacity. When dealing with an inappropriate task, the tendency for a child to avoid doing it becomes very high. In fact, some kids would simply not try.

·         It can be difficult for a child to concentrate in doing school work because of some common distractions that may be laying around. May it be his favorite show on TV, a gadget that’s beside him or even a toy that he likes to play with. When he is engaged in doing something for a school like his homework, it is best to free him from distractions.

·         Some children may want their parent to sit beside them as they do their homework. Children always crave for attention, and when they don’t get it from their parents, they lose their concentration in completing the task at hand. It doesn’t matter how much time a parent spends with the child. It is the quality of time and the undivided attention that genuinely makes a child appreciate having their parents around.

·         Did you know that feeding your child with too many sweets could make him lose his focus? The sugar content of these treats could increase the energy level of your kids, but it an entirely wrong way. When you choose to feed them foods that are rich in carbohydrates during study time, they could lose their focus for such treats could also make them fall asleep faster. Simply put, the wrong diet could give rise to concentration problems among children.

Addressing these concerns could help parents make a difference in their child’s concentration in doing work for school. Although there are a lot of things that can be done to encourage them to focus on school work, parents must also address the cause of the problem. Doing so will allow them to understand their child better and provide help the best way they know how.

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