Creating a Positive Homework Environment at Home

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Does your child struggle with homework? Does he or she have difficulty staying focused? A big factor in homework success is having a positive homework space. Doing homework in a noisy living room with the TV on in the background or at the kitchen room table in the chaos of dinner preparation is not a recipe for homework success. Here are some tips for creating a space at home that is ideal for homework success:

Rule #1: Rest the Brain

Imagine coming home from work after eight straight hours of focus and toil, only to walk in the door and have to start working again. How productive would you be? Give your children a chance to rest and recharge before diving into homework. Let them play and relax a bit – just set a limit on it. Your child’s brain will be better rested and more able to absorb the material.

Rule #2: Healthy Snacking

Food is not just fuel for the body; it’s fuel for the brain. Without proper nutrition, there’s no way you can expect a child to be fully focused or absorb material at max capacity. Fuel your child with healthy, balanced meals throughout the day. When they come home, feed your children with food that keeps the brain sharp. Greek yogurt, kale, eggs, fish, nuts, oatmeal, apples, and plums are all A+ brain foods.

Rule #3: Atmosphere Matters

Distraction rules the roost at home, if you let them. The homework area should be free of common household distractions like television, smartphones, tablets, and toys. Whether the homework area is in the bedroom, a nook in the basement, or even a converted closet, the area should be clean, comfortable, quiet, and well-lit. With no distractions, it is much easier to concentrate and stay on task.

Rule #4: Organization First

A little organization can go a long way to helping your child succeed in school. An organized environment leads to an organized mind (and vice versa). Have everything in its place, from paper and pencils to glue and staples. A common procrastination tactic is to search for objects, looking for that “lucky pen” before starting. With everything in place, there’s nothing to do but get to work.

Rule #5: Parental Support

You don’t need to hover over your child or help them with their homework every step of the way, but it helps to be available and supportive. Offer guidance and positive reinforcement. Talk with your child about any areas of need and see if there are solutions. Supporting your child with homework also means identifying if they benefit from the services of a private tutor.

Follow these five rules, and you can create a more positive environment for your child to succeed with homework. Supplement these efforts by hiring a private tutor for your child. Mobile Tutors offers quality one-on-one in-home tutoring, online tutoring, and high school and university test prep to help your child get the best of their education.


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