Five Habits Of Highly Effective College Students

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Universities in Canada usually schedule the exams of college students twice in a semester. One is given during the middle during October and February and one at the end of the semester that’s why it is referred to as the “finals.”

There are two words that students usually use to describe such times – study and stress. Although exam time is undoubtedly a stressful time for any college student, there are some tips they could follow to keep their stress and anxiety levels low and their knowledge and confidence high.

· Create a Study Plan

This is the first tip that most college professors recommend to their students. Not only is it simple, but it is highly effective as well. Making a study plan helps you study more efficiently. Repetition is a useful technique for making sure that something sticks to your memory. Establishing a program when to study and when to take a break will make you a successful student. The study plan you create must include a time when you can take a break and relax.

· Make Studying a Habit

When you study regularly, you don’t need to worry about the exam season coming close. Get in the habit of reading notes on a daily basis, listen to the teacher and participate in class discussions. Doing all these on a regular basis will make you a highly effective student.

· Find your Study Hack

Everybody studies in different ways. Some are visual learners who study more efficiently when they are looking at graphs and tables while others find mnemonics helpful in memorizing details. Find the most effective way for you to study and stick to it.

· Find a Study Buddy

If you’re not comfortable studying with friends, then studying with a tutor might be the best help you can get. The best tutor in Edmonton is someone who meets your personal preferences. It is different for everyone. You may choose an accounting tutor or someone who can teach you English and communication. The choice is up to you. Find someone you are comfortable with, and you don’t have to dread studying.

· Stay Hydrated and Choose to Eat Right

Give yourself the right kinds of foods and the right amount of water. Eat right and drink as much water as you can so your brain works as efficiently as you need it to be. The need to study may seem more important than stopping to get lunch, but remember that the brain needs to be nourished too. Take the flashcards and study while having lunch – that means hitting two birds with one stone.

These five habits make some college students effective in their way. It prepares them not just for the exams, but for the challenges life has to offer today and in the future.

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