Five Ways To Instill Study Habits In Children

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Did you know that parents who show more interest in their child’s school work are more likely to raise children who do better in school? Perhaps the extra attention their school work is getting encourages children to do their best. When they know that their parents care a lot about how they do in school, they try to perform better than other children. They also develop their self-confidence, independence and their sense of wonder.

But how do parents ensure that their children are learning the study habits they need to be successful in school?

· First, set a regular homework time. Be there to remind the kids that it is time to sit down and do their homework. Help them get started to encourage them to get to it at once. Despite any protests or excuses, be firm in keeping up with homework time. Consistency is the key to instilling good study habits in children. Not only will it facilitate learning but it will bring about consistently good grades as well.

· Second, be there for your children. Make yourself available to answer all queries they may have. You may choose to do your work near to where the kids are doing their homework. Your presence will encourage them to do their job independently, but if they need help, they can always come to you. Encourage them to try doing it on their own, and you’ll be surprised at how this could help build positive feelings about themselves.

· Third, always be there to cheer them on. No matter how difficult the task at hand may be, words of praises from you will keep them trying until they get it all right. After completing a challenging task, remember to reward them. However, avoid using the rewards as a bribe for them to do the task. Such practice will only result in children doing their homework because a reward is waiting for them.

· Fourth, keep a study calendar and let the children post the tasks they’ve completed on a daily basis. For more significant projects, it is best to break it down into steps and spread it out evenly to avoid the kids from getting too burnt out from school work.

· Lastly, create a unique task list for the kids to fill in and tick off when they’re done. You’ll be surprised at how truly helpful it is for children to have their list of things-to-do. Not only does it teach them the value of perseverance and hard work, but it also opens their mind to the fact that they have responsibilities they have to work on each day.

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