Golden Rules Of A Good Tutor

Rules Of A Good Tutor

Whether it’s a new tutor you found or an experienced one, it is important that you also understand the rules that make them a good one. Finding a tutor may be easy, but spotting a good one from the not-so-good ones may be a bit of a challenge. Before you end up changing tutors, below are the golden rules of a good tutor.


Honesty in providing constructive criticism to the student is one of the best traits of an excellent tutor. Being able to tell a student what he needs to improve honestly helps build rapport and trust, and both lead to building a good foundation for a student-tutor relationship.


The techniques that a tutor is used to may not often be the method that will work for a particular student that’s why it is important that the tutor is flexible enough to adjust. The goal is for the approaches of teaching to meet the learning style of the student to achieve better results.


The practice of patience in teaching should always be a priority. What may seem like an easy lesson for the tutor may not be as accessible to the student. It is of particular importance that the tutor refrains from showing any signs of annoyance in words and in actions to keep the student from being discouraged to ask questions during a tutoring session.


Excellent tutors know how to pick clues from their student’s actions and speech. They are trained to understand what the student is trying to say and how they are feeling. An excellent tutor always stops to listen instead of dominating the conversation.


All information about students is confidential. An excellent tutor will not speak ill of a student to other people. Rather, they will refrain from sharing information about the student’s well-being and current academic status except to their parents who need to know the truth.

Tutoring may seem like it is something that everyone can do, but it is not. Every student who needs help needs a tutor who knows exactly how to help them, make adjustments when necessary and understands their needs more than anything else. When looking for an excellent tutor for your child, make sure they have all these values to help your child reach their academic goals.

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