How Do You Help Your Kids Succeed?

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There are times as a parent where we can hide our age, but not when it comes to how long ago it was when we attended school. We easily forget how difficult the classes are and how quickly kids can fall behind. It’s arguable that school is more difficult now than it was 20 or 30 years ago. What if your child is struggling to keep up with the demanding pace of the classroom? Will you be able to recall your Grade 7 science or Grade 11 algebra material to offer assistance? It’s not likely that you will be able to explain all of the aspects of photosynthesis or recite the elements in the periodic table, but you can do something to help your children succeed. As a parent, we need to know when it’s in our child’s best interest to seek outside help.

Edmonton Tutoring

Hiring a tutor is an extremely efficient way to help your child not only keep up with the flow of the classroom, but exceed expectations. Tutors provide one-on-one guidance that kids can’t always get in a classroom setting. The pressures of the classroom can sometimes make children cave in and give up, whereas tutoring offers a stress-free environment to ask questions without feeling the watchful eyes of your peers. Online tutoring removes the barriers of travel time, distance, and geographical location to connect tutors and students through a state-of-the-art virtual classroom.


Another way to help your child succeed is through communication. Always be aware of what assignments they have coming up and when test dates are. Be active and talk with their teachers. The more involved you are in their academic lives, the more they feel you care and want to grow with them instead of just having them tackle school alone. Kids want your approval, even if they don’t expressly ask for it. Showing interest in their studies is a gateway for them to communicate their success and trials along the way with you. Show them how proud you are!

“Reverse Tutoring”

Play reverse tutor! Set aside a block of time on a night that the tutor is not scheduled and have your child teach you their science lesson. It might be easier than you think to play the student in this case, as the information is likely a few years back in your memory bank. Teaching you their school lessons will not only strengthen the understanding in their minds, but will show them that they can do it. Self-confidence is important for all children to achieve.

These are just a few useful hints for parents to help their child succeed. Every child is different, but they all attend school just the same. Know your child’s needs and work with them to unlock the greatness within.

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