Helping Kids Through Life’s Transitions

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Moving to a new house, older siblings moving out and transitioning from a small school to a big school all put children in a difficult situation. They need to be given time to assess the changes that are happening to them and their situation. Often, children who struggle with these significant changes show unwanted behavior, anxiety, and even fear. All these changes in their feelings that they cannot deal with adequately can significantly affect their academic performance.

If your child is going through a transition and you recognize that they need help, here are some tools and techniques that they can use. It may be a challenging time for them, but it helps to have someone on their side to help them see things through.

· Prepare Them for the Significant Change

Whether it is the move to the new house across town or the enrolment to a more prominent school after kindergarten graduation, it helps to give your child enough time to process. The more that they understand the changes that are happening to them, the easier it is for them to go through the transition. Be positive about the change that is to come. Discuss the differences with an open mind. Give them a picture of what they could expect.

· Encourage them to Speak About It

With the big changes come new emotions and ideas that they sometimes cannot process on their own. Sometimes, they might not find the words to use to express such emotions. Help them through it by providing alternative ways they could communicate their feelings. Give them art materials, clay or maybe even a journal. Finding a book about a child going through the same situation would be very helpful.

· Talk to Them About It

Communication is vital in helping your children see things through in any transition. Talk to them about it. Be open to discussing their feelings, whether these are positive or negative. Allow them to speak about their fears of trying out something new. If they tell you that school has been tough, be open to the idea of hiring a tutor. Not only will the tutor be helpful in assisting them in their academic projects, but a tutor could assist the child in understanding how they feel.

Transitions – no matter how small or big, the changes may be stressful for a child. Help them see themselves through by being there for them. Every child feels better knowing that they have their family to guide them through.

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