Hiring A Private Tutor: What Can You Expect?

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In this day and age when children seem to be more engrossed in learning technology than lessons in school, it is relatively easy for them to forget the value of learning the basics. Some children are too busy learning a new game that they are not able to concentrate on doing their school work anymore. It is only when it is too late that they tell their parents that they need help immediately. This is when a tutor steps in and makes a difference.

But what does a tutor do to help the child? Are there things that the tutor won’t be responsible for? Here is a list of the things that a tutor can do and cannot do for you to help you manage your expectations:

What Tutors Will Do For You:

· Coach, your child on how to get the right answers to their homework. More than that, a tutor also serves as a role model for your child to encourage him to do more and be more. With a little bit more help, he will soon be able to discover his potentials and do better in school.

· The tutor also encourages the child to think critically. Learning is not about absorbing and memorizing every idea introduced. Instead, it is about thinking critically and deciding which ideas are truly beneficial for them to keep.

· A tutor also helps find the learning gaps of the students and fill it in with knowledge to help them survive on their own.  When the tutor knows what the child still doesn’t know about the topic at hand, it is easy to coach him on what to do and what else needs to be studied.

What a Tutor Will Not Do:

· Give all the answers to your child. Although it may be simplest and quickest way to get the child to finish his school work, no real value is taught. Instead, the tutor leads the student to discover the process for themselves and learning valuable skills in the process.

· Complete the project or homework of your child. Though most children think having a tutor means not having to do anything, it is the other way around. The tutor will assist the child in completing the projects, reports and other homework alongside the exercises that the tutor has prepared. The additional activities will help the child further improve his understanding of the topic.

· Math tutors won’t solve the problems for you. Instead, they will guide you through the process that will hopefully teach you the best way to arrive at an answer.

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