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Does your child fear the H word? Homework assignments are given to children to help them to review themselves and what they learned in school. Whether it is the parent or a private tutor that helps the child through the pile of homework, it is essential that the child knows the value of homework. If it is a daily struggle for your child to finish homework, then it is time to seek tutor help.

Don’t feel too frustrated. You are not alone in this battle. Most parents struggle with children who don’t want to complete their homework. But it doesn’t have to always be like this. All you need is to set up healthy study habits. Once you have put these in place, you can help your child succeed throughout the school year with a more positive outlook on doing homework.

·         First, encourage them to stop and go for a walk. Every math tutor in Edmonton knows what a struggle it can be to solve math problems. Children who don’t get the right answers usually end up frustrated. When you sense that your child is not happy with how study time is going, encourage them to stop and to take a walk. Taking a short 10 to 20-minute breaks outside will help the body refresh and the brain to relax. Your child can then circle back to doing their homework with more energy to finish it than when they started.

·         Second, serve them delicious snacks. Much like the first tip, taking a short break with good food gives children enough power to finish their work for school. Children who have access to healthy, nutritious foods get a boost in brain power.

·         Third, make them listen to music. Did you know that listening to music has been proven to help lower blood pressure and improve blood circulation? and in turn help children focus more on their schoolwork or other tasks that need focus. Music also helps children remember the essential facts that they need for the exam.

Setting up good study habits early on can help children succeed in school. Online Tutoring in Edmonton prove to be helpful for parents who are busy but still want to give their child the best help they could. Talk to a tutor today and find out more useful tips in raising a sound learner.

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