Keep Them Motivated: How Do You Do It?

Keep Your Child Motivated

Is your child not putting enough effort in school work? Figuring out the perfect formula to get your child to strive harder and keep them motivated to excel in school can be quite tough. In most cases, it is not about the lack of skill or knowledge about the topics in school. Rather, it is about not finding the connection between lessons taught in school and the method when they can be used in real life. Don’t lose hope. It is not the end of your child and her school work. Here are some tips to help you raise a learning-motivated child.

Set Goals

They don’t need to be big ones. Make a list of small achievable goals. One of the reasons why students feel less motivated to do well in school is because they always think that only the goals with the significant results matter. School work, projects, and homework can sometimes be overwhelming. These can make success unattainable. Create a list of small goals and allow your child to tick them when done. Dividing big tasks into small, doable ones can give your child the boost she needs to get things completed for school.

Create a Learning Plan

Making your child sit down and read chapter after chapter of her least favorite subject won’t do you or your child any good. It may only make them feel frustrated and lose interest in learning altogether. Instead, create a learning plan based on the way your child learns. You may consult their teachers in school to get their advice, so you can tailor fit the plan to highlight their learning skills. If your child is visually adept, making her write noted in colorful pens may stimulate learning and make it fun.

Be Open to Considering After-School Tutoring

Tutoring for kids is made available to kids who need the extra set of hands to help them through school work and learning activities. A tutor understands the child’s needs very well and provides academic support as they see fit. They are trained to assist children who need it in accomplishing their homework as well as their projects. Apart from the school work, a tutor can keep the child motivated to continue learning at their own pace and to understand concepts on their own through the process. Whether it is a face-to-face tutorial or online tutoring services, hiring a tutor may be one of the best things a parent can do for their child.

Keeping our children motivated to be the best that they can be won’t be a walk in the park. But when you see them reach their goals and feel confident about themselves, there is no better reward for a parent than that. 


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