Learning Disabilities: What Do Parents Need To Know

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Is your child having a hard time retaining information? Do you find him reading and re-reading his school works almost all the time? Because his grades stayed on the average, you didn’t think that he had a problem. You just dismiss it as if he just lacked focus. On the other hand, the son of a good friend of yours rarely studies but always gets an A in all his exams. You seem to notice your child getting more and more frustrated seeing that he has been trying, but none of his efforts seem to work.

Every parent only wants the best for their child. And although you may need to consult with a specialist about such condition, children who have learning disabilities will always have a hard time studying. It is not that they lacked focus, but it’s just that the method of teaching used with them is not how they learn. If your child is diagnosed with a learning disability, how do you make sure such label won’t affect his future? Can he still go to college and take up that engineering course he has always wanted?

For parents whose children have been diagnosed with a learning disability, the thought of it can be scary at first. Some might think that their children are not smart enough for their age. But in truth, a learning disability does not have anything to do with a person’s intelligence. In fact, some famous people have had learning disabilities but still end up victorious in their fields. The list includes Alexander Graham Bell, Walt Disney, and even Winston Churchill.

Learning disabilities are problems that affect how the brain stores, receives, processes and analyze information. Such issues can make it challenging for the learner to get a full grasp of the information they have been provided. The difficulty is in the process of how the learning happens. There are various types of learning disabilities, and those that have it usually have more than one.

There is a particular kind of learning disability that interferes with how the child can focus on the work at hand. The lack of concentration makes the child miss out on specific details of the school work. Their minds wander too much. And then there is a learning disability that can make it challenging for the learner to read, write and even solve math problems. Because doing such things is difficult for them, they get frustrated and lose interest altogether.

How do parents help their children overcome their learning disability? First, it is essential that they know what challenges their children have on learning. From there, they can ask expert therapists and tutors to help their child deal with the problem. Supporting them is the best thing that parents can do for their children who find it a challenge to study for school.

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