Math is Fun: How Do You Make It Fun?

Math is Fun

Doing puzzles, sorting, discovering patterns and counting are activities that all kids love to do. However, when these activities are labeled “math,” all their curiosity disappears. In an instant, kids don’t love doing these things anymore because they have been labeled as the building blocks of math. While some children find it interesting to add, deal with fractions and decimals and multiply their money, there are others who lose both their interest in math and their confidence to study it further.

The standardized math tests, as well as the approach to teaching math, has made is very difficult for some children to cope with math. Sadly, this effect leads to their lack of interest in learning math skills altogether. Unfortunately, some schools move on to introducing more complex math problems even before the students can grasp the fundamental concepts. This, however, intimidates children, making them lose interest in math altogether.

So how do you make math fun for children?

Take Them On a Shopping Spree!

Bring them on a shopping spree and allow them to choose the toys that they want from the catalog. Give them a make-believe budget of $100. Then, challenge them to figure out which of the items they have chosen they need to be taken out of the list to meet the budget. This mock shopping spree kind of activity will encourage your kids to do the addition and subtraction themselves. They may use a calculator. Although they may be using the calculator for the budget and spending calculations, you are still encouraging math literacy in the process.

Make Them Sell

Encourage the little entrepreneur in them. Make them sort their toys according to their favorite and least favorite. Then, set-up a mini store for them where they can sell the toys they don’t need or don’t want to play with anymore. Bolster their money skills by making them sell it to family and friends and earn money in return. Not only have you allowed them to explore the wonders of having their own business in the future, but you have taught them the importance of math.

A positive attitude towards learning math is the only way to go. Be able to encourage your children to love math by making them experience it in real life. If they still need help for their school work, get the services of a tutor.  Their knowledge of the skills set needed by children will further enhance your child’s capacity to solve math problems and apply math concepts in real life.

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