How Online Tutoring Works

online tutoring

We all know how beneficial tutoring can be for improving focus, comprehension, and grades for students. In our mobile, technological world, tutoring has become even more advanced by creating an online platform for learning. So instead of being limited by location, your child can always have access to the very best in tutoring talent from just about anywhere. Here’s a run-down of how it works.

We find the right match

First and foremost, depending on specific needs, the best tutor is selected from our nation-wide database to match certain criteria in order to provide the best possible private tutoring for your child.

Connect student and tutor online

After the match has been made, the student and tutor will connect live online through our web service that can be accessed with any high-speed internet connection. That means tutoring can take place anywhere, from the comfort of home or even a coffee shop.

Once connected, the first initial chat will entail a free-20-minute meet and greet in order to allow both student and tutor to introduce themselves, get acquainted with the academic goals and plan before deciding to move ahead with booking a paid session.

Enter the virtual classroom

Each tutoring session can be paid for at a time, so there’s no long-term commitment required. After payment, the state-of-the-art virtual classroom is where the tutoring will occur online. Each person will require a webcam and a microphone for these sessions. This allows video and voice chat, messaging, document uploads and a shared whiteboard to be accessed by each person.

This provides an environment that allows information to be accessed and shared in real-time, as tutor and student can easily hear, see, and write when collaborating.

Record the session

Aside from the real-time collaboration, the online set-up also allows tutorial sessions to be recorded for later use. So any concepts and materials can be revised and played back later.

Feedback is provided

Feedback is also provided after each tutorial session, from both parties. So not only do the tutors get to offer feedback on the students, but students also have the opportunity to rate the tutors as well.

Gone are the days of geographical limitations. Now your child can access a world of information with our online tutoring programs. They’re affordable, convenient, save time, and best of all, they can help your child succeed at school. We offer private online tutoring for a range of subjects, including Mathematics, Science, Statistics, French, and English Language Arts. Our qualified tutors can also help students improve study skills, homework habits, organization, and time management and develop confidence in their scholastic pursuits.

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