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We offer one-on-one and online tutoring services for all levels of English


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Award Winning In-Home & Online
English Language Arts

We offer one-on-one and online tutoring services for all levels of English including


At Mobile Tutors, we know that most students who are bright and hard-working just need someone who takes the time to help them overcome their barriers. Our highly qualified and experienced English Language Arts tutors know that not everyone learns the same way and we are prepared to offer your child alternative study methods.


In our one-on-one tutoring sessions, we cover all fundamentals of English from vocabulary building to reading comprehension, to phonics, spelling, grammar, and essay writing step-by-step. Our world-class tutors have the motivation and expertise to transform boring reading assignments and cumbersome homework into empowering and confidence-boosting experiences for your child.

English Language Arts class builds the foundation for good communication skills. To succeed in our society and have a fulfilling career, everyone should be able to write and speak proficiently. A handyman needs to clearly explain to his clients what is broken in their home in order to justify the bill. A scientist needs to write detailed research proposals to secure funding. Business owners will need to write well-structured business plans and be effective communicators to guide their company. People being interviewed for any sort of job need the ability to make a compelling case about why they’re a good fit for the company. These are just a few of the many reasons why English class is more than Shakespeare and Dafoe. Good English language skills will be a great base to take your child a long way in life!


It is our priority to successfully identify your child’s difficulties and with that knowledge build custom programs to suit their needs. This allows for personalized tips and for students to get the practice and reinforcement that they need in order to feel confident and comfortable with their English Language Arts material. Our focus in each one-on-one session is to grow the enthusiasm of your kids to empower them to reach their goals.


With our structured personal approach to a strong English language foundation, we will ensure that your child not only acquires all necessary skills, but that they excel in all areas and develop enthusiasm for their literature tasks.


The individualized teaching approach at Mobile Tutors is specifically designed to optimize the value that students get from tutoring. We do the commuting, so your child can focus on the studying. Studies have shown that home environments work better for a lot of students. We offer every student a unique approach to engage with demanding literature analysis, essay writing, and reading comprehension to ultimately inspire their own curiosity and growth.

World class tutors carefully matched to each student.

All tutors are well-trained and background-checked.

In-home & online tutoring at your convenience.

Customized 1-on-1 tutoring and test preparation.

What Makes Mobile Tutors the Right Fit for
Your Child?

Customized 1-on-1

We do the driving to ensure that each student’s tutoring time is perfectly focused to embrace their unique needs – skipping commuting time and providing customized teaching. All of our tutoring services occur in a one-on-one setting in your own home, at a public library, or online using our online tutoring platform.

Mobile Tutors
Perfect Match

We make it our priority to ensure your child is provided with the right tutor every time. After a FREE personal in-depth consultation, our education consultant will find the best suited tutor for your child considering factors such as specific academic needs, learning style, and personality.

World Class Tutors = Real Learning &
Excellent Grades!

Our tutors are certified educators, subject specialists, and top graduates from highly ranked Canadian universities. Background checked and rigorously screened for teaching ability, subject-matter expertise, and open personalities, our first-class tutoring team cares about your child’s success.


We know that today’s parents and students have a full schedule all week. This is why we keep things convenient by holding learning sessions in your house whenever you want. We are available 7 days a week — whether you need tutoring at your home, at a public library, or online, we are ready to help.

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Whenever you need teaching support or just have a specific question about how to help your child learn easier, our qualified tutors are just a mouse-click or a phone call away.
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Our Approach to Effective
English Language Arts Tutoring

Deal with Urgent Problems First

Grades are still the most relevant academic performance evaluation, which is why our English Language Arts tutors will focus on improving those first. We tackle urgent issues like upcoming quizzes, exams, readings, or essay homework assignments immediately before diving into long-term student tutoring needs.

Improve Reading Comprehension and Speed

In many cases developing strong reading habits can already help bridge the biggest disconnect your child may be experiencing when it comes to English Language Arts courses. We will evaluate your child’s reading speed and support them in developing stronger study and organization skills. These three basic factors will allow them to get through their assignments more efficiently and will get them ahead in the future

Develop Critical Reading Skills

Grasping what readings are really about and what the author is actually saying are both key to studying English Language Arts. Our English Language Arts tutors will not only work on reading speed, but also provide your child with the tools needed to analyze a passage while reading. This will allow them to outline messaging, comprehend key messages, and craft winning essays and research papers at every school level.



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