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Award Winning In-Home & Online
Social Studies


Classes in Social Studies are often focused on facts. Remembering dates, names, locations, events – it can be tedious and boring. Our World Class Tutors are storytellers.


By creating a narrative, your child will remember the information better, and gain a deeper understanding of the significance of historical events. Succeeding in Social Studies classes also requires strong reading comprehension and critical reading skills.


Our tutors will help your child to get the most out of their Social Studies reading while saving hours spent on reading and writing assignments.

Our Approach to Social
Studies Tutoring

Read between the lines

If your child is struggling in a social science class, you may be tempted to shrug it off as a lack of interest. What we’ve found is that often a bad grade in Social Studies is actually a symptom of a reading issue or poor study skills. Our World Class tutors are trained to diagnose and assess the root cause of the issue. This ensures that your child’s grades improve while also giving them the tools to be successful throughout their academic career.

Presenting exhibit A

One of the most important skills to develop in Social Studies classes is presenting an argument based on evidence. Our World Class tutors will encourage higher order thinking – moving beyond just the facts to analyze and evaluate historical events. Your child will learn how to craft an argument and write about it clearly and persuasively with supporting evidence.

Tell a story

Our World Class tutors are experts at connecting academic material to a student’s personal interests. Your tutor will go above and beyond to pique your child’s interest in the material and keep sessions fun and engaging. When your child finds a true passion for learning, the possibilities are endless.

What Makes Mobile Tutors A Perfect Fit for
Social Tutoring?

Customized 1-on-1

We are happy to take on the driving to ensure that each of our student’s tutoring time is perfectly focused to address their unique language goals. You skip the commuting time while we provide customized teaching. All of our tutoring services take place in a one-on-one setting in your home, public library, or online using our convenient online tutoring platform.

Mobile Tutors
Perfect Match

We make it our priority to find the right tutor for every student. After a FREE personal in-depth consultation, our education consultant will find the most suited and qualified tutor for you considering factors such as learning style, tutoring goals, and personality.

World Class Tutors = Real Learning &
Academic Results!

Our tutors are certified educators, subject specialists, and top graduates from highly ranked Canadian universities. Rigorously background checked and thoroughly screened to guarantee Social teaching ability and open-minded personalities, our top-notch tutors are as invested in your success as you are.


We know that today’s busy students have a packed schedule all week. That’s why we are happy to keep things simple by conducting tutoring sessions at your home whenever you have the time. Our services are available 7 days a week — whether you prefer a session at home, at a public library, or online, we are up for the task.

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