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At Mobile Tutors our world-class tutors are trained to bring biology to life. Our biology tutors are experts at putting emphasis on teaching the fundamentals of biology using observations from everyday life and illustrative reference materials. When a child develops a true passion for biology, not only does it open up countless career opportunities, but installs a curiosity and inquisitive nature that opens up their eyes to the world around them.


Our world-class tutors can help you to master biology at any level, whether you’re a student taking introductory biology at the high school level or microbiology at the university level. Our personalized approach to biology tutoring can help you to master difficult to understand concepts, and help you build a strong foundation in biology. Whether you need to know the difference between mitosis and meiosis, or learn what each term means, our expert biology tutors can teach you to recall and apply information in easy-to-understand ways. Don’t just memorize facts – understand them.


At Mobile Tutors our Biology tutoring approach is specifically designed to ensure our students get the most out of their tutoring time. Our schedule is as flexible as today’s busy students need it to be. For every student, our tutors offer an easy-to-understand tutoring approach to foster their interest in biology and critical thinking when it comes to challenging biology questions. The idea is to inspire them to view difficulties not as a barrier but as opportunities for learning and success. This allows for personalized advice and for students to get the reinforcement they need in order to move confidently towards their next biology exam. Our focus in each one-on-one instruction is to spark the enthusiasm of students to empower them to reach their academic and personal goals.

Our Approach to
Biology Tutoring

Diagnose learning roadblocks

When a student struggles inBiology classes, it may actually bea reading or memorization issuethat is inhibiting learning. If astudent does not have a solidunderstanding of a scientific theorypresented in their assigned reading,they will struggle in Biology. Ourtutors focus on raising grades andtest scores first, but also make surewe have a complete picture of academic skills.

Make Biology meaningful

Our tutors are passionate about Biology, and find ways to engage their students in the subject by connecting the material to common interests. This helps to not only bring biology concepts to life and make it more fun, but also make it more memorable.

Learn to fail forward

Biology is the perfect medium for development of a growth mindset. In Biology, a disproven hypothesis is not a failure. In fact, the entire scientific method is based on trying to disprove a hypothesis. Learning to think critically, analyze biological data, and interpreting information in a scientific way will help your child in every aspect of their life.

What Makes Mobile Tutors the Right Fit for
Your Child?

Tailored 1-on-1

We want to make sure each student’s tutoring time is entirely focused on addressing and overcoming their unique barriers to reach their goals. This is why we’re happy to let you skip the commuting time while we catch a ride. All of our tutoring services take place in a one-on-one setting you feel most comfortable in, whether that’s your home, the neighbourhood café, your school’s library, or anywhere in the world using our easy online tutoring platform.

Find The
Perfect Match

We make it our first goal to find you the right tutor. After a FREE personal in-depth consultation, your consultant will find the most personally suited and professionally qualified tutor for you considering details such as specific, learning style, language barriers, and tutoring goals.

World Class
Passionate Tutors

Our tutors are not only certified educators and top graduates from highly ranked Canadian universities but also caring human beings that will put all their effort towards getting their students ahead of the competition. After rigorous screens and background checks to guarantee teaching ability, and suitable character traits, our first-class tutors are ready to tackle any challenge.

Flexible Curriculum

Most of today’s busy students have a jammed schedule themselves. A large amount of our students are also adults with careers and children. That’s why our services are available 7 days a week. Whenever works best for you, we are up for the job.


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