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Award Winning In-Home & Online
French Tutoring

Whether you are a parent seeking someone to guide your child through French classes, a government employee preparing for language exams, or a traveller heading to Paris, our highly skilled French tutors are here to help you meet your goals with lessons tailored to your specific needs. French is one of the most widely spoken languages on the globe, with more than 20 countries besides Canada considering it an official language.


Speaking French is a major employment advantage in Canada, where many service providers, such as the federal government, consider French fluency not only an asset but a requirement. Investing in improving your or your child’s French can open up many opportunities – not only in terms of future employment, but also for cultural experiences such as travel and meeting new people. Acquiring French as another language is a wonderful gift to give yourself or your child!


Our diverse groups of tutors include native French speakers from Canada, France, and other French speaking countries around the world, all of whom have various kinds of qualifications ranging from school board certifications to advanced university degrees, enabling them to work with the full range of learners, from kindergarten to Grade 12 French Immersion students and adult learners. Whether you are looking to increase your child’s confidence in the classroom and scores on exams, or move your career forward through improving French fluency, our experienced Education Consultants will match you or your child with an expert tutor who is uniquely qualified to help you or your child meet their learning goals. Our experienced French tutor assess and address students’ primary language needs, focusing on everything from grammar rules and verb conjugation to listening comprehension and industry-specific vocabulary. Our tutors will bring their passion for the language to each session, so that even simple grammar exercises can increase confidence in reading and writing, as well as inspire students to strive for greater engagement with French.


One of the biggest obstacles to learning a language is finding the confidence to speak: our approachable and engaging tutors challenge and inspire students to expand and practice vocabulary and conversation skills in the comfort of their home or office. Studies suggest that children learn better in their home environment, and children and adults alike will benefit from less time in the car and more time speaking French when our tutors come to you. We are confident that our French tutoring will more than meet your expectations in taking your French skills to the next level efficiently and conveniently.

Our Approach to
French Tutoring

Mastering the Basics

The essential building blocks of French are grammar, verb conjugation, and vocabulary: mastering these basics requires a great deal of practice and memorization. Children and adults alike can find it daunting and tedious to absorb the vast amount of information required for learning another language, but our tutors use students’ interests and passions to make practice and memory work come alive. Connecting grammar, verbs and vocabulary to real life activities not only makes mastering the basics easier, it improves retention and ensures that French will be a lasting part of the student’s life.

Building Confidence

Just as important as mastering the basics of French is finding the confidence to actually speak the language. Many students who learn French in the classroom struggle with finding the courage to speak it in real life situations; our goal at Mobile Tutors is to give students confidence in speaking French wherever they are in their learning journey. Our warm and friendly tutors will create an environment in which students are free to make mistakes as part of the learning process, showing them that every time they speak French, they are moving closer to fluency. Finding the confidence to speak a new language is a life skill that fosters confidence in other areas of life, for both children and adults. At Mobile Tutors, we feel privileged to be part of this enriching process.

Making Connections

French is a language of diversity, being spoken not only in North American and all over Europe, but also throughout many countries in Africa. Connecting to French allows one to connect to people all over the world, and those within Canada who have arrived from many other countries. Our tutors give students the skills and inspiration to connect with others, whether that means striking up a conversation with a stranger speaking French on the bus, or taking a trip to Montreal for a more immersive experience. We understand that learning French creates connections to, and awareness of, wider global cultures and we are excited to foster those connections as we are all more and more connected on our planet.



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