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Q1. What is online tutoring?

Online tutoring is the practice that emulates what can be done in in-person tutorials, adding flexibility in location and scheduling. Online lessons make use of live video and audio conferencing software as well as an interactive online whiteboard to create engaging and enriching sessions.


Q2. Is online tutoring effective?

Most students new to online tutoring immediately feel enthusiastic and engaged through media which are familiar to them. Working on a whiteboard shared in real time with the tutor encourages students to focus and work hard whilst enjoying what they do, and hence develop an excellent attitude towards learning. There is certainly no compromise in online lessons versus in-person lessons.

Q3. How does Mobile Tutors online tutoring work?

1. Register & Meet Tutor for FREE
Simply head over to our Registration Page to answer a few questions about you or your child’s tutoring needs, preferences and availability to get started. We custom-match you with an expert online tutor. Schedule a FREE 15-minute meet and greet session with your assigned tutor before booking your first paid lesson.


2. Learn
Get live 1-on-1 tutoring via our cutting-edge online tutoring platform. Use a virtual whiteboard,
audio/video chat, screen sharing, text editor and much more.


3. Review
After the lesson is completed, both the tutor and student have the opportunity to rate each other, maintaining the quality of our online tutoring service.
For more information about our online tutoring service click here: Online Tutoring

Q3. What type of online tutoring platform does Mobile Tutors use?

Mobile Tutors uses a customized state-of-the-art online platform. Our tutoring platform is start-of-the-art with video and voice chat, instant messaging, document uploads and a shared whiteboard. The tutor and student can see and hear each other as if they are in the same room — they can upload school assignments, lesson notes and write on the same shared whiteboard — thereby making it easier to collaborate and learn online.

Q4. Is the Mobile Tutors online software or tutoring platform mobile- and tablet-friendly?

Yes, Mobile Tutors online tutoring platform or software works on both tablet and mobile devices.

Q5. How many people can join a lesson for Mobile Tutors online tutoring?

There is no limit to how many people you can have on a lesson at once. Our current software is currently optimized for one-on-one tutoring to small groups.

Q6. What browser do I need to use for Mobile Tutors online tutoring?

Our online tutoring platform works on Chrome (recommended), Firefox, Safari (iOS 10+) and Edge. Internet Explorer 11 and older browsers are supported but without video.

Q7. Do I need to install anything to use the Mobile Tutors online tutoring platform?

Besides a web browser (which you are using right now to read this), our online tutoring platform doesn’t need any additional software to be installed.

Q8. Do I need a webcam and/or a microphone to use the Mobile Tutors online tutoring platform?

If you want to make use of the live video calling feature, you will need both a webcam and microphone. These come standard with most modern smart phones, tablets, and laptops. If you don’t have a webcam but still have a microphone, the video calling still works, just without the video part. All other features of our tutoring platform will continue to work without a webcam or microphone.

Q9. Are headphones with microphone and pen tablets necessary?

The use of headphones with a microphone greatly improves the audio communication.
Handwriting should be encouraged given that school work, homework assignment and exams are predominantly on paper. Handwriting on the whiteboard is made much easier through the use of a pen tablet (e.g. Parblo or Wacom) or through a touch screen laptop. For Math and Sciences related tutoring, a pen tablet or stylus is recommended for effective and efficient online tutoring.

Q10. Are students distracted by the use of electronic media in an online lesson?

In the vast majority of cases, quite the contrary. The use of an interactive whiteboard in real time on a computer screen enhances the quality of the tutoring/learning experience, whilst increasing the student’s attention on the content of the lesson. Even with students who have otherwise shown reluctance, online learning takes students deeper into academic subjects more quickly.

Q11. How can parents monitor an online session?

Parents can be present in the same room with their child, can be connected to our online tutoring platform from another location, or can view a whiteboard recording afterwards. They can also maintain frequent e-mail or phone contact with the tutor.

Q12. How can tutors benefit from online tutoring?

A whiteboard provides tutors with a platform for planning and preparing lessons with pre-uploaded material in the tutor’s own library. Having their material in electronic form makes it much easier to record what’s happened in each lesson and share this with the student.

Q13. What can go wrong in an online session?

Problems with online tutoring sessions have become increasingly rare as internet connections have improved. For those occasional instances when the internet connection does drop it is advisable to have another way of communicating so that student and tutor could agree to continue the lesson at another time, or just wait for the connection to be restored.

If you have any further questions or would like to setup an online tutoring session feel free to contact us.


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