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It’s time to start thinking about college applications and you have your sights set on attending your dream school. But, your top-choice school has a high SAT score requirement and you’re worried you won’t measure up. Your score should never keep you from attending your dream college, so stop fretting and start preparing for a higher score today!


With the right preparation, your child can ace the SAT®. Don’t settle for an average SAT® score. Aim higher! Our expert SAT tutors can coach you to properly prepare for the SAT. The new SAT consists of three sections: Mathematics, Evidence-Based Reading, Writing, and an optional essay. The test is offered each school year in October, November, December, January, March, May, and June. Most students take it in the spring of their junior year. Some repeat the exam in the fall of their senior year. Those who realize its importance begin taking it in Grade 11.


Students are given 65 minutes to complete the Reading section and an additional 35 minutes to complete the Language and Writing section. The SAT Math section is 80 minutes long, and students are allowed to use a calculator. The optional essay section is 50-minute long and it tests your ability to construct a critical argument. The best way to prepare and ace the SAT is to get tutoring from an experienced SAT tutor. Our SAT tutors can identify which sections you are struggling with and which ones you are particularly strong in, ultimately allowing for a personalized lesson plan perfectly suited to you.

Our Approach to Effective
SAT Prep

Set goals and develop a plan

First, make sure you know which version of the exam your child will take. Then, set a baseline with a practice test. Taking a practice test is the best way to determine how much preparation is needed to achieve your target score. Not sure what score you should be aiming for? Our Education Consultant can help you set the right goals to make sure your child is on track for success. Call our Education Consultant today or download a free SAT® practice exam.

Reinforce critical academic skills

Preparing for the SAT® is more than just practice tests and tricks and traps. An Experienced SAT Tutor will work to identify and address any knowledge gaps in academic skills while working on SAT® practice. Understanding main ideas in a reading passage, working with triangles, and understanding subject-verb agreement are just a sample of the topics covered on the exam. Ensuring your child has a strong grasp of the fundamental concepts will not only increase their SAT® score, but increase their grades and confidence in school.

Learn the SAT®’s tricks and traps

The SAT®, at nearly four hours, is the longest test most students have taken at this point in their life. Learning how to alleviate test anxiety and focus through the entire test is an important part of preparation. Students will also need to learn to identify common tricks and traps in SAT® questions. Many questions on the SAT® are asked in a less-than-straightforward way, which means that that students must learn to identify the core concept being assessed in a given question

What Makes Mobile Tutors
SAT® Test
Prep Unique?

1-on-1 Instruction

All of our tutoring services occur in a one-on-one setting at a student’s home, at a public library, or online using our state-of-the-art online tutoring platform. This ensures that each student’s tutoring time is tailored to address their individual needs not those of others in a group or class.

World Class Tutors = Real Learning &
High Test Scores!

Our tutors comprise certified teachers, subject specialists and graduates from top Canadian universities. Background checked and rigorously screened for teaching ability, subject-matter expertise and engaging personalities, our tutors are committed to your student’s success.

Mobile Tutors
Perfect Match

Through the Mobile Tutors Perfect Match program, we go to great lengths to ensure your student is matched with the right tutor every time. After a FREE in-depth consultation, our education consultant will find the best tutor for your student based on your student’s academic needs, learning style and personality.

SAT Exams

We know that today’s parent and student are busier than ever. That’s why we are open 7 days a week — whether you need tutoring at your home, at a public library or online we are here to help.

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