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Aside from partying like there is no tomorrow, the life of a college student pretty much revolves around books to read and lectures to attend. Due to the number of activities that they have to deal with on a daily basis, college students must fuel their brain with nothing less than nutritious foods. The foods included in their diet should help them keep their focus to be able to grasp the information they get from lectures in the classroom. More importantly, these nutritious foods should help keep them nourished while they are writing their papers for submission.

Although most college students would settle for their daily caffeine fix to keep their concentration levels up, not all of them know that coffee comes with its adverse effects too. So before you get hooked on drinking more than two cups of coffee every day, here are some smart foods for every college student:

·        Oatmeal + Milk

Did you know that the oatmeal and milk combination is not only rich in fiber that helps with digestion, but it also helps one to work efficiently? You may include yogurt in this mix to help make it healthier. The yogurt contributes vitamin D, which helps in brain nutrition. A bowl of oatmeal is very easy to prepare. It’s the perfect breakfast for college students who are always on-the-go.

·        Berries

Which type of berry person are you? If you are into those sweet red berries, then you are up to making your energy high and your digestion fast. But if you want to be more focused on doing school work, then you should include blueberries in your next grocery list. Nutritionists recommend a cup and a half of blueberries a day. It is packed with Omega 3 fatty acids that keep the immune system healthy and the brain healthy.

·        Beans

These superfoods are also very rich in nutrients for the brain. It includes Vitamin B, Magnesium and protein that help keep the brain function. Due to the carbohydrate and high fiber content of beans, they are digested slowly by the body, allowing the body to keep the energy it needs throughout the day. With the right mix of fruits and vegetables, any college student can keep their brain functioning correctly even if they are away from home.

Now, which of these foods are already included in your diet? Be smart and make the right choice.

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