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How do you make your brain remember more? This perhaps is one of the frequently asked questions of both students and their parents. Young and old alike, students always need to memorize something. And when it seems as if they have already done everything, there are still a few things that they just couldn’t remember. Don’t lose hope just yet. Here are study hacks to help you improve your memory and prepare for every exam you need to take at school.

· Take a Walk

Did you know that walking has been proven to help give your mind a boost of brain power? Taking a walk at least twenty minutes before the exam will help your brain relax. You are likely to remember everything you have studied when you are more relaxed before the exam.

· Speak out Instead of Silent Reading

Although some people may find you crazy, this is a proven technique to help you study better and remember more. The brain is likely to retain the information you said out loud instead of just silent reading. Speak up, but don’t speak too loud while studying in the library.

· Reward you a Treat After the Exam

You’re determined to get good grades, and that is more than enough reward for studying hard. But promise yourself a good down time to read a book, watch a movie or maybe even hang out with friends after the exam. The reward system always works. It will make you look forward to something that’s why you’ll work hard to get the exam fast.

· Teach what you Know

Did you know that the best way to check yourself whether you have understood what you studied is to teach someone else about it? If you can get a friend or family to listen to you solve Polynomials or trigonometry, then do so. When you’re able to address their questions, you’ll feel confident that you know it too well.

· Study with a Tutor

When it seems as if studying on your own is a challenge, ask a tutor’s help. Going through the lessons with someone who knows it well will make the task easier. Also, you’ll be able to ask questions to help clarify the lessons that you don’t fully understand. Studying with a private tutor can indeed give you the confidence boost you need to prepare for the exam.

Improve your memory by allowing yourself to relax before, during and after the exam. The best way to remember what you studied is to have a full understanding of it while enjoying the time you’re learning it.

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