Summer Math Games For Children

Have you heard of the term “Summer Slide?” Although it may sound like a water sport that you and your kids will enjoy, it is also the terms used to refer to the loss of any or most of the academic skills that your child learned all throughout the school year. Math skills, in particular, are usually the first to go when kids don’t do any math drills over the summer break. They tend to forget the basic of operations and how they are done. But it is not a hopeless case, after all.

Parents can make their kids do math drills over the summer without making it spoil the summer fun! To prevent brain drain, here are some exciting math activities that you and your kids will surely enjoy.

  • Math hike – You remember what it’s like to go on a hiking trip. It’ not just a simple trip but it’s an adventure the kids will surely enjoy. Along the way, make them collect various items of different geometric shapes. Not only does this encourage them to keep on learning, but you will also discover how creative their minds can be. Or you could also check the angles of tree branches using a protractor. All these can be exciting for your children. Take a math hike and make them see that what they learn in school is what they need to discover more of the world around them.  
  • Put math on the menu – Dining out doesn’t have to be limited to eating with the rest of the family. You can turn it into a math activity that your children will enjoy. Hang on to the menu after ordering. Make them find the most expensive and the least expensive items on the menu. Or you can challenge them to add up the cost of all your orders. Then get them to estimate how much tax is to be paid. All these can be fun while waiting for your food to be served.
  • Math on the beach – Are you taking his favorite beachball with you? Make the trip to the beach more exciting by writing numbers around the ball. Then, when you play catch, you can make him multiply or add the numbers on the part of the ball that he is holding. The math operation can change depending on what skill you want him to work on. Isn’t it exciting?
  • Cook up some fractions – Beat the summer heat and go baking their favorite treats. From there, you can teach them the idea of fractions and how it can make or break a recipe that they are following. This one will be their favorite. They are learning and at the same time eating delicious treats! It’s indeed the best tandem for the summer!
  • Roll the dice – This game will make their heart skip a beat because of excitement. It wills start with everyone having the same number on a piece of paper. For example 200. Then they will roll the dice twice and put the two numbers together. For example its 2 and 5 that’s 25. They will subtract the number from the number on top. So that’s 200 minus 25. The game will go on until one player gets zero. He will then be declared as the winner.

Learning math can be fun. All it takes is a little skill and a lot of imagination. With these fun math activities, you can never go wrong.

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