Summer Reading Adventures

Summer Reading Adventures

Throughout the school year, children acquire the skills set that they need to be able to do things and survive life in general. However, they could lose ground if they spend their summer vacation not doing anything that teaches them something valuable. Luckily, parents can keep their kids learning even while they are at home. Children who are encouraged to read at home during the summer master the language faster so that they can understand more of the language and how it keeps the world around them functions. The more they are encouraged to read, the more that they will like to read.

What reading activities have you tried? Reading is not just about getting a book and reading from it. There is a wide range of reading activities that could get you and your children started. Here are some of them in a list:

  •    Celebrate summer — Write a list of things you want to do this summer. Don’t forget to include reading! If you can, make a chart of all the books you’d like your children to read over the summer break. Tick off each one as they complete them. In fact, encourage other parents to do the same. Your children can swap books with their friends over the break. Playdates could start by sharing what they have learned from the books they’ve read. Summer doesn’t have to be all about play. And reading doesn’t have to mean boring. All you need is to incorporate it in activities that your children will enjoy.
  •  Discover recipes for fun — List all the ice cream flavors you can think of. Now put them in A-BC order. Wouldn’t it be fun to think about the many things that your child learned and discovered in school the whole year? And what’s even better is that you’ll be able to encourage them to write or talk about them with other children. Walk with them to the library so that they can check out recipes they’d like to try with you. Perhaps you could makake their own cookbook for fun too.
  •  Travel the world — If you are going on a family vacation this summer, read about your trip. Mark your travel route on a map. Not only will this reading be an exciting one, but it will be an adventure they’d be glad to take on with you. Or you can also play pretend that you are all going on a trip to visit family or friends. Make them read about the place to discover tourists spots you can visit while you’re there. Encourage them to find as much information as they can. Not only has this challenge made them read about a place they haven’t been to, but it has made them acquire research skills that they will prove helpful in the long run.

Reading every day doesn’t have to take much time. A few minutes a day will help children improve their ability to read all year long. These activities don’t come in a particular order. You have to pick one and try it out with your children. You’d be surprised how fun and exciting these can be. Enjoy!

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