Does Your Teen Need Online Math Tutoring?

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Does your teen seem to struggle with math homework, or avoid it altogether? Are you concerned about your high school student’s performance on math tests, quizzes, and exams? Even if they excel in one area, do other math concepts such as geometry, calculus, or trigonometry trouble your teen? An online math tutor could be the solution. One-on-one time focused on your teen can work wonders for helping them to focus, learn and comprehend concepts in math so that they don’t feel frustrated and lost each time they open their math workbook. Here are a few tell-tale signs that show it could be time to get your teen enrolled in online math tutoring.

They Avoid Math Homework

If your teen has a tendency to simply hide or avoid their math assignments, they could be struggling to understand the concepts within. Avoidance is one of the obvious signs that their confidence and comprehension in a subject it low.

Poor Grades

Of course, one of the most obvious signs is through their grades. If you’re noticing a continuous low grade with each assignment or exam, it’s important to deal with this before they fall too far behind. An online tutor program or private in-home tutor can help get them back on track so that they can catch up and even excel with their future assignments.

They Skip Class

It’s one thing if your child is skipping class, but if it’s another when it becomes a noticeable pattern where they seem to be particularly skipping math class. This could be a result of feeling insecure and once again, attempting to avoid the subject completely. Tutoring one-on-one can help your teen regain back confidence so they don’t feel the need to skip class.

They Pretend It’s Not Important

Pretending a subject isn’t important when being confronted about poor grades, lack of attendance, or completion of homework could be a way for them to deal with or conceal the feeling like they’re lost or inadequate in math class, especially if they’re not grasping the concepts. We all know how unpleasant it can be to feel inadequate, so it would be no surprise for your teen to try and cope with these feelings by shrugging them off.

If you think you might recognize any of these signs, if could mean your teen is struggling in math and falling behind. It’s important once you do recognize any of these signs to address the issue immediately so that they don’t fall further behind and lose complete confidence altogether. An online math tutoring program or private in-home tutor is there specifically for these reasons – to help them with whatever they don’t understand, in a way that makes them feel comfortable and confident.

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