Test Taking Strategies: How Do You Make It Effective?

Test Taking Strategies

Every student has his own way of coping with school work. Some choose to study in a noisy environment. When they listen to music, they feel more relaxed and prepared to get to through their notes. And then there are those who would rather study in a quiet environment. The silence at a  library allows them to focus on their school work and memorize the information they need for the exam.

Although there is a huge difference in how students prepare themselves for the exam, the issues concerning its efficiency seem to be all the same. So before you lose all hope of being prepared for an exam, here is some test taking strategies that you may find useful:

First, keep yourself together so you can cover all the relevant materials that you need to review for your exams. The overwhelming volume of study materials can be quite intimidating that students sometimes feel defeated even before they start to study. A thorough knowledge of your course syllabus will allow you to review the specific topics and concepts which will be tested. Gaining an understanding of what you need to learn from each topic will give you the confidence to go through the entire course material and prepare very well for the test.

Once you have gone through the syllabus and identified all the relevant topics accordingly, it is time to decide where to start. An efficient way to review for the exam is to start on the chapter you feel most confident. Make a summary of the basic concepts of the chapter and move to the more difficult ones. This process does not only make studying faster, but it allows you to have a more in-depth knowledge of the topics for an exam.

When is the best time for you to study? Tutors may have their opinions about the best time to study, but the reality is that it all depends on the student. If you are a morning person, schedule your study sessions in the morning. If you are not an early bird, don’t assume that you can be one magically for the exam. Instead, schedule a study period which will be conducive for your learning needs.  Set specific targets for yourself and allow sometime for short breaks.

These may be general points and you modify then to fit your needs. You are in control. All you need is to make a start and everything else will follow. The secret is to start reviewing early. Nothing beats an early bird.


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