Test Taking Tips: How Do You Deal With The Pressure?

Test Taking Tips

Of all the odious things that could happen to a student during an exam, there are two things that seem to vie for the most unpleasant experience. The first is the achy hand. It is the feeling when after an hour or so of answering that essay exam, your hand feels like it couldn’t write anymore and that it has been crippled forever. Out of sheer muscle exhaustion and increased tension to finally finish the exam, the achy hand can make you lose your focus.

And then there’s the first minute into the exam and after reading just the first question, you could not remember anything about what you studied. Students suffering from mental block can go through the exam looking desperate. Anyone caught themselves in such a situation might as well submit their exam sheet and hope for the best.

How do you deal with the pressure? Here are some tips:

  • First, read the question carefully and try to understand what it requires. Don’t just skim through the exam. Instead, read every question with much attention and go through the options without a keen eye for detail. Some of the questions may be confusing but don’t fret. Read it again and again until you understand what is being asked and think of an answer from there. The key is to read it properly.

  • Second, divide your time to make sure that you have enough to answer every question in the exam. If you are not able to finish the exam, you might lose the chance of making a correct answer to pass it. How you structure your time will depend a lot on the type of exam, so make sure that you know how much time you have so you can divide it appropriately.

  • Third, start answering the part of the exam that you really know. Getting that out of the way will allow you to focus more on the difficult parts of the exam. Start strong. Answering the parts of the exam that you know gives you the confidence boost that you need to remind you that you’re prepared and that you can do it. Though this may be subjective, you might want to give it a try and find out how it could work for you.

  • Fourth, plan for long answers. When you give long answers in the essay part of the exam, you are giving yourself more space to discuss ideas and express your thoughts. If time permits, it would be best to write a well-thought of the answer while planning on what to write next. Don’t spend time thinking about what to write at the expense of the actual writing process.

  • Lastly, if disaster strikes, do not panic. If you suddenly realize that you gave the wrong answer to a question or that you missed answering one of the easy ones, quickly get to it if you still can. If you don’t have time, trust yourself that you have answered the other questions right and that they would be enough to give you a good score. Be kind to yourself.

What would you do if you find yourself in the worst conditions just before the exam? The key to nailing any exam is to know what you should expect beforehand. Having a strategy gives you the confidence boost that allows you to concentrate on the exam and keep you from panicking. For all your academic needs, don’t be afraid to ask Mobile Tutors. Our team would be glad to help you reach your academic goals.


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