Three Ways To Keep Your Child Learning This Summer

Keep Your Child Learning This Summer

Summer is here, and your child can’t help but feel excited for the many things they could do over the break. This might be the best time for the kids, but it is that time of year that most parents dread because they have to think of the many ways to keep their children busy. However, parents want to make sure that their kids get an even amount of time for playing and learning. Is it possible for children to learn and play at the same time?

The temptation for children to spend time watching television or playing video games are great during the summer, but with a little ingenuity and careful planning, summer can be the best time to explore new hobbies, stretch the mind and learn a thing or two about responsibility. Here are the three ways to keep them busy during the summer. These activities were designed to keep them busy learning while enjoying themselves too:

Grow a vegetable or two in your garden.

What could be a better way to learn science and the art of growing your food than to try it out in your garden. You can start by giving your kids seeds of small plants. They learned about plant needs in school. It would be best to try helping them grow a vegetable or two. The result would be for them to eat it. Not only did you teach them to be responsible for growing the plant, but you’re teaching them a valuable lesson on nutrition too.

Paste and write.

A family vacation, whether a short trip to the beach or a long trip abroad is always an excellent opportunity for creating scrapbooks. Encourage the kids to collect postcards, menus from restaurants you have tried and brochures from new places the family has visited. Make them write short descriptions or stories of unforgettable experience about the family escapade. The scrapbook may look like a simple activity of paste and write, but it helps children develop a sense of wonder and the skills to write stories with most vivid details from their memory.

Get a summer job.

Children earning their money will learn to value it even more. Even young children can be taught the value of hard-earned money by making them make it in their little way. Taking out the trash, setting the table or babysitting the child in the family are all simple ways to keep the kids busy during the summer. Outside summer jobs can be helpful too. Their exposure to the demands of the real world will help them grow into stronger more resilient individuals.

School might be over, but it doesn’t mean that learning has to stop for your child. Summer is the perfect time for your kids to discover that learning can be fun and it can happen anywhere too. Remember that the goal is not just to instill the importance of education, but to provide them with numerous opportunities actually to learn.

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