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How well do you take down notes? Unlike in elementary school when the teacher writes everything you need to know on the board, college education requires more attention from the students and careful notetaking. In college, professors will talk and talk about anything and everything about the matter at hand. They seldom write on the board, and as students, you must know which information to take note of and which ones to remember simply.

Here are some tips to help you practice good note-taking:

 ·         Keep an Eye on the Keywords During the Lecture

You are lucky if your professor will write them on the board because you can just copy them down. If not, then you will have to listen carefully and evaluate which ones should be written as notes and which ones you can simply dismiss. Does your history teacher mention the date of when the World War II started? Did your Literature teacher mention the writer of Sonnet Number II? Did your Physical Sciences teacher mention a formula for solving the volume? If your answer to any of these three questions is a YES, then you should write them done. These are the key ideas that should be in your notes.

·         Don’t Write Everything that the Teacher Says

Try very hard not to go crazy while taking down notes. Writing every word that the teacher says in class won’t be of help either. If you focus too much on getting all the facts right, you might miss out on important points that the teacher mentioned. In fact, listening to your teacher more intently is just one of the many ways a student can learn. There might be more information retained in your brain than in your notebook, and that could spell out a huge difference.

·           Dare to Ask

Don’t be afraid to pause to ask the teacher about what he or she just said. Such clarification might also bring relief to your classmates who may have missed out on valuable information that the teacher mentioned. If you feel shy about asking during class, then you can wait until it’s over. Approach your teacher and ask. Their answer will help you gain more understanding of the topic at a more personal level.

Taking down notes is an essential skill that college students must put into practice. The more notes you write, the easier it will be for you to study for the exams later on. The notes will help you distinguish useful information and those that are not.

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