Top Science Museums In Canada

Science Museums In Canada

Wondering how you can keep your children busy this summer? There are a lot of activities that they can do this summer. They can take up special classes on subjects they used to find difficult. Or they could sign up in a summer class to learn a new skill like ballet or playing a musical instrument. But for parents who are looking for an activity that will not only be enjoyable for the kids but also something they could learn relevant information from, then there’s nothing like a trip to these top Science museums in Canada.

Ontario Science Centre

There is nothing more iconic than the building structure of the Ontario Science Center. The building is itself a fantastic sight to see. For sure, your children will feel all too giddy and excited to get in and discover all the many things about Science that are featured in this museum. Since the Ontario Science Center was established in 1969 up until today, it has become the center for lifelong learning. The exhibits are unique and exciting than people from all age groups will be delighted to see. Did you know that they have also become a convenor for public dialogues about science, society, and technology? They are dedicated to showcasing the innovations in the field of science and technology that will bring about positive change to the education ecosystem.

Canada Science and Technology Museum

This newly opened Science and Technology Museum in Canada promises a highly digital museum tour experience for the entire family. It is designed to inspire children to discover more about science and technology and how it has helped improve the lives of people all over the world. It aims to ignite the passion for technology and development of the future innovators of Canada. Apart from the in-house exhibits that your children will enjoy, they also feature an exhibition hall where they accommodate traveling exhibitions from all over the world. You could only imagine how this trip is going to be for the children and the adults – filled with a lot of fun!

Amazing Science Centre

Have you ever been asked where dinosaurs came from? Are dragons real? These are just some of the questions that your trip to the Amazing Science Centre will answer. They have an exciting array of exhibits that include Astronomy, and Lost Cultures. Their display of dinosaurs and dragons are fantastic too. The museum lives up to its name – amazing!

Indeed, there is nothing more rewarding for parents than to see their child happy. In the process, when they learn a thing or two about the world, it’s ultimately what any parent would wish for. Visiting these museums with your children also gives you an extraordinary opportunity to spend time with them. With all the sights to see and fun facts to learn, this summer is the best time to spend quality time with the kids at these fantastic places to visit.

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