Why Are We Different?

#1 World Class Tutors = Real Learning & Better Grades

You want only the highest quality tutors. At Mobile Tutors, we do the searching for you. All our tutors go through a rigorous screening process and background check before joining our team. We only recruit the best tutors with the right teaching experience, strong academic background, energy and charisma to inspire our students to reach their full potential. All our tutors are certified teachers, subject specialists and graduates from top Canadian universities.

Why do world class tutors make a difference?  World class tutors possess the right tutoring experience and training to find the best way to challenge an advanced student, bring a struggling student up to speed, or assist a student with the occasional rough patch. Also, world class tutors go above and beyond tutoring. They can quickly evaluate the best way to help a student truly master the concepts of a particular subject; arrive at a higher level of learning, and ultimately develop the right work ethic to succeed on their own.

#2 Mobile Tutors Perfect Match

Through the Mobile Tutors Perfect Match program, we go to great lengths to ensure your child is matched with the right tutor every time. After a FREE in-depth consultation, our education consultant will find the best tutor for your child based on your child’s academic needs, learning style and personality.

While we always strive to find best tutor for your child, we are well-aware that, on a rare occasion, a tutor may not be the best fit for a student. Should this occur, please give us a call and we will get a more suitable match for your child immediately.

#3 Personalized Tutoring Plan

Mobile Tutors employs a holistic and consultative approach to every student and every academic situation, which you won’t find anywhere. We know that the academic environment can be very challenging and confusing without guidance. At Mobile Tutors, we will be your partner in every step of your academic journey, and we will help you to navigate and overcome any academic challenge. Together, we develop a customize plan to suit each student’s academic goals and then match the student with the best tutor to focus on their academic needs.

#4 Our Programs

Mobile Tutors offers a variety of flexible and affordable home tutoring programs to choose from. Our tutoring programs are based on three academic principles: LEARN, PRACTICE & SUCCEED. Our tutoring programs are results oriented and go beyond tutoring. They are designed to build confidence, teach students the requisite study skills, organizational skills and time management skills they need to succeed on their own. All our tutoring programs are aligned with your child’s school curriculum.

All of our tutors subscribe to the same philosophy of weekly worksheets and biweekly testing to assess their students on a regular basis. Our goal is to ensure that each student’s grade improve according to their performance on our self-assessment test which is administered based on the student’s school curriculum. Our students see an improvement in their school marks in a matter of weeks! We have tutoring programs for all ages, all subjects and all grade levels, from kindergarten right up to university.

#5 Affordability

Mobile Tutors is committed to making our tutoring programs very affordable and accessible to all students. We invite you to compare our tutoring programs to that of our competitors based on quality, price and value. When you choose to enroll your child in a Mobile Tutors program, he or she is guaranteed to receive the highest quality affordable tutoring service than our competitors. We have tutoring programs for all family budgets!

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