Writing Your First Resume

Writing First Resume

Your resume is intended to tell a story about your life. It should outline your skills and abilities in addition to your education and accomplishments. An employer should get a sense of what kind of a worker you are simply by reading the resume. It’s important to make a good impression with your resume because it will most often be the tool that gets you a job interview.

What to Include in Your First Resume

When seeking your first job, it may be intimidating to write a resume because you have no actual work experience. The thing is, everyone needs to start somewhere and there are many employers who offer employment to inexperienced teens looking for a start. In order to make your resume stand out and be recognized, include things about yourself that make you special. If you are patient, have good people skills, are good at multitasking, and you are punctual, these are all qualities that someone looking to fill a position may find appealing. Include what your interests are and what classes you are excelling in if there is relevance to the job. Your experience at school is always fair game for your resume. It’s also helpful to include any volunteer work you have done in the past. Reference any extra-curricular activities you have participated in and all awards you may have received. Team sports like hockey and soccer show that you can work well with others toward a common goal, while individual sports like skiing and karate show that you have the dedication and discipline to commit to something.

Think of how your qualifications align with the job to which you are applying. For instance, let’s say you are applying for a job in food service. Do you help organize the family BBQ every summer? Do you cook while babysitting? Mention this on your resume. Though it is not job experience, it is evidence of qualifying skills.

Important to Remember

It’s very important to be honest with what you put on your resume. Do not make fraudulent claims just to get a job. For instance, if the job requirements state that you must be bilingual to be eligible for the job and you only speak English, do not put that you are bilingual on your resume just to help your chances of obtaining the job. If you lie on your resume, you will not likely be able to keep up the charade and your lie will be discovered eventually. Not only will you likely lose the job, but you will also not get a recommendation when you apply for your next job. Also steer clear from exaggerations, even if they seem harmless. You will get a job on your own merits, just be honest and patient.

When You Have More Experience

Once you have had a few jobs and are continuing to seek out different job opportunities, it’s important you list all previous employment on your resume. This will give a snapshot of what you have done in the past and how you can be an asset to the new job you are seeking.

Having a well-written resume can be what sets you apart from the other applicants in a competitive job market. The experts at Mobile Tutors can help tailor your resume to represent you and your accomplishments.  Learn more about our career counselling and consulting services!

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